The Genesis of Theatre Dots

Theatre Dots was born in 2012. My belief in theatre based training to help transform a child started by training my own daughter. It was done to help her open up and to discover her own hidden abilities. The results were most amazing; at the tender age of 5, my daughter walked up the stage as the Master of Ceremony, at her school, HeadStart Educational Academy’s annual day festival.

Training kids for over 10 years, I have seen and met all kinds of kids, from shy , introvert to outspoken and confident ones too. I strongly feel that theatre is a proactive engaging medium which encourages every child to speak and express their ideas.

Every child needs imagination to grow creatively. Theatre is a great stimulus to help your kids build on their imagination. Theatre games, and other activities that we play during our sessions are great tools to help build imagination. Imagination is a great foundation to build creativity and equips a child to start thinking out of the box.

Imagination paves way to expression. Once a child has ideas he wishes to express, and all he needs is a good listener and motivator. One of the many forms of expression is speech. Learning to speak well is the first step to building confidence. And well, Good communicators are a need of the hour.

At Theatre Dots, we emphasise a lot on having fun while learning. We have seen kids transform for good and enjoy this art form. Having trained over a thousand kids, I strongly recommend that every parent must enroll their kids for fun drama classes and see the kids evolving into confident and happy people.

Our program is now online and anyone from any city of the world can join it.

Pooja Singh

Founder, Theatre Dots